What a difference a day makes!

The build up to hurricane Sandy coming this way meant that the school ran with core staff only today. As I’m on campus and Kate came in, we carried on with making good use of my time here. She showed me her cool cell modelling kit and I made some chloroplasts for a plant cell.


The Perkins staff are so amazing that even with a reduced staff they carried on and made it look easy. So nice to see the Perkins President, Steven Rothstein, visiting the cottages to check on students and staff this evening too.

Jam night went ahead as usual too for all residential students. A great hour. Some real talent here for sure, amongst the staff and the students. This place has such an amazing sense of community.


Apparently we are getting the worst of the weather overnight. Let’s hope that by tomorrow evening the weather will be improving. Such a change from last week!


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