Blue skies and branches

Hurricane Sandy gave us stormy weather for a day, but we got off lightly compared to neighbouring states it seems.

Today I was so pleased to meet Amy Bower, a visually impaired physical oceanographer. Amy works as a researcher at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. It was great to talk to her about her job, during her visit here at Perkins today. Amy had brought with her various pieces of equipment that she uses for sampling ocean currents. She is such an inspiration and I shall certainly be talking to my students about her and her work, when I return home.

These polystyrene cups have been taken to various depths and you can see that with the air forced out the pressure seems to have shrunk the cups. Great demo.

Very interested in these talking data loggers that Kate has.
I spent some time in the resource centre today too, looking at some of the various models.

On my way out of the resource centre I also noticed this tactile picture. It is called 'African Adventure' by James Mallet. The animals in the picture are made from many different kinds of wood. Mr Mallet cut and carved the animals from wood and then put them together. Such skill!



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