Halloween, Horticulture and Handcrafts

Still find it amazing that people here are mad for Halloween. Students and some staff in some great costumes today and selling Halloween cakes.

There was even evidence of Halloween in the horticulture centre, with a list of plants with Halloweenish names!

The horticulture centre was amazing and plays a big part in education, developing vocational skills and for some students it simply gives them a calming environment to be in.


Perkins has a number of tactile interpretations of works of art. Sadly I don’t know the name of the artist, but I was told that she always uses a certain texture/fabric for each colour. This way a blind person would associate the texture with a colour and could learn to consider the various colours in a painting. A fabulous tactile experience. I have seen swell paper representations of famous works of art, but never pictures created with fabrics. These are amazing!


A quick look around the Perkins museum was a must. This place has so much history and is enjoying its worldwide reputation.


Final part of the day was spent with a class who were making and testing paper planes. They were given 3 toothpicks to add, to improve their designs (yes I did say improve!)


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