Last day in school and last night in May Cottage

Coming to the final part of my trip now with today being my last day in Perkins classrooms and tonight being my last night in May Cottage. The students were so sweet today, thanking me for visiting them! It was so nice to get to know them and I must admit to having a few favourites. Some amazing kids! The students and staff in May Cottage are truly fabulous and I do feel that I was certainly privileged to be in this 'awesome' cottage. Great people! With a special mention for the kitchen staff, whom I loved chatting with in the mornings. Thank you all for making me so welcome.

They even made me a card. Sweet!

Today I had an opportunity to see some of the great work done by PJ, a lower school teacher. Her classroom was so calm and ordered. She creates the perfect environment for students who may not cope well with change. It was a pleasure to watch her at work. She showed me a very useful Maths tool called the Math Window. However, we did go on to discuss the problems that would come with the imminent introduction of the new Unified English Braille (UEB) code and the way that resources such as these would need to be re-created, along with all of the other resources that we have built up or created over the years. Soul destroying and time consuming!

Visiting PJ also gave me an opportunity to see another part of this beautiful school.

The weather was so good again today. Glad to see the back of Sandy!

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