Woods Hole and Meeting Alvin

Today Amy Bower from WHOI lined up a tour of the WHOI led by her husband David. We were so privileged to have this opportunity and I am incredibly grateful to Amy and David for making this happen. Certainly not something that happens every day and the science was fascinating! Kate and I both loved this tour.
Kate and me next to the part of Alvin which will house 3 people for 8 hours to a depth of 6,500 metres. No toilet on board either! I'd certainly never volunteer for that job, but will be keen to hear all about their discoveries.


David showing us one of the claws that will be attached to the front of Alvin.


The research vessel, Atlantis. Alvin will be positioned at this nearest point, beneath this crane-like structure.

Alvin will sit here to be transported to and from the ocean.

An amazing sunset this evening!

Here is the view from the restaurant as we had supper. Woods Hole is truly beautiful.



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